No matter who you are,
no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome at St. John’s!

We are Christians in San Francisco in the 21st century and are grounded in those two realities. We are a small, progressive community engaged in the life of the city and the world as well as  the life of the spirit. We are a diverse group  in belief and practice. Some of us are deeply embedded in a life filled with confidence in God and Jesus Christ, while others have all kinds of questions. Some of us are focused on inner spiritual transformation while others focus on church as a means of creating community in the city, and still others work to change the world.

We are exploring and living a journey down the Christian path in … openness … service … and community.

We celebrate each other’s gifts, challenge the conventions of society, and leap into the unknown with joy and commitment  … by God’s grace.

  • We are young and old.
  • We are culturally diverse.
  • We are gay and straight.
  • We walk hand in hand.
  • We are exploring and seeking.
  • We have music ringing in us.
  • We trust God is with us.

Join us next Sunday and see what we’re about!

United Church of Christ