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What’s Up With Those Flames?

We have flames as our logo!!  Why?

flames logoThe Bible has several occasions where God appears to the people in the form of flames.  In Exodus, Moses is tending his flocks in the hill country and comes across a bush that is burning, but is not consumed by the flames.  As he approaches, a voice tells him that he is on holy ground and that he must listen to the voice of God.  He is then given instructions to take his people out of Egypt into a land of their own.  In the Book of Acts of the Apostles, after many weeks of confusion and mystery following the resurrection of Jesus, his followers are gathered in a room, wondering what to do next.  Tongues of flame suddenly appear at the heads of each person and they each begin to speak in a different language.  The Holy Spirit tells them to go out into the world and tell the story of Jesus Christ.

In each of these stories, God speaks to a person or people, and tells them to do something new and important to serve God.  We believe that God is still speaking to us — there is more for us to hear and to do.  We need to pay attention and listen for God’s guidance in our lives, because the future depends on us listening, hearing, and acting on what God says to us.

Where are the flames in your life?  Come and listen with us — maybe you will hear something important!