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Ash Wednesday, 2012

February 22 is Ash Wednesday and we will honor the beginning of Lent with a special evening of:

Worship, Dinner and Conversation 

6 pm worship, 6:30 dinner and conversation

We will begin with a brief worship service of remembrance honoring the coming period of Lent and the reflection that it encourages, followed by a simple pizza dinner and a book study time in the pastor’s study.

We are going to be discussing a fantastic new book by Marcus Borg, Speaking Christian:  Why Christian Words Have Lost Their Meaning and Power — and How They Can Be Restored.  Professor Borg is a prolific writer and church historian and he writes very accessible books that really connect 21st century American life with the early roots and years of Christianity.    In this book, he tackles the words that prove to be a stumbling block for lots of people as they try to understand their own spiritual lives in the context of Christianity.  Big words like salvation, saved, sacrifice, redeemer, redemption, sin, forgiveness, atonement, born again are really problematic for many of us.  Those of us who have previewed this book have found it to be very clear and helpful in rescuing Christian language from the stereotypes that circulate about this very complex set of beliefs and practices that we call Christianity.  There are lots of ways of being Christian and it is really important that we open the door and let in some new ideas (and even some very old ideas that we’ve distorted a bit.)   Linda said after reading this book, “For a moment this book helped me think that I could be articulate in debating the people on the “Biblical inerrancy” side of the Christian spectrum.”  You can visit the author of this book at  Come join us, let’s free up our language and connect with centuries of Christians with ideas quite different from the stereotypes that American society has about Christianity.  Clear the air, clear the mind, prepare for the time of reflection that we call Lent.

If you are interested in attending and aren’t a regular here and don’t have time to sign up on the sheet on the Piano in Diehl Hall, send us a comment via this website and that will help us determine how much pizza to order.

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