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Bikes, Pedestrians and Cars: Let’s Chat, Let’s Listen, Let’s Pray, Let’s Act

There are few topics in San Francisco life that are more contentious and widely discussed than the interactions between bicycles, cars, and pedestrians.  The issue of how to move about a crowded, highly densely populated city is important for both the safety and the tempers of everone who lives in San Francisco.   Two of the members of our community have recently expressed their opinions on parts of this issue.  One is a letter to the editor of the Chronicle by Linda Mitteness.  More importantly, one of the people in the network of this congregation is Bert Hill, chair of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, which considers bicycle transportation projects and policies and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and other SF city and county agencies.  Bert was interviewed on Michael Krasney’s radio program and on television and on the top of the front page of the Chronicle in the two days following Linda’s letter.  So this is obviously an issue of relevance to us.  Our pastor has written a call to chat, listen, pray and act around this issue.  You can see her complete article here:

Bike article.  Take a look at the ways we’ve talked about this issue and join in the discussion.

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