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“Church Renewal 1.0”

St John’s Outreach Committee is Geoffrey Gaskins, chair, Deb Chang,  Carl Murphy & Hub Stackhouse.   The Committee serves to help us to renew and grow our faith community.

Geoff, Deb, Hub & Sandy are taking an on-line course from The Center for Progressive Renewal taught by Rev Michael Piazza called “Church Renewal 1.0” You will hear more from us as we continue our journey to church renewal in this class and in our discussions with you

The Questions we ask this week are: 
Who are we  – individually and as a collective group ?
What needs in our community are we seeking to meet?
What values do we honor and allow to shape us? 
How would this community be positively changed through our presence?             

 What are your thoughts?  Let’s  talk and discuss!

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