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December Friendship Banquet

The December Friendship Banquet happened on December 13.  We had as much fun as usual.  Our menu was:


    All-American Corn Chowder

    Pot Roast of Beef with Four Kinds of Roasted Vegetables and Homemade Gravy

    Chocolate Mousse Cake

This was a particularly popular meal — we think that the very “all-American-ness” of it was part of that.  We all remembered our own histories as we cooked and ate all those pot roasts.  One guest came up to one of us after the meal and said, “That was the best meal I’ve had all year!”  What a pleasure it is for us to be able to give that gift to people who live on the margins of society.  Now, of course, the next step is to make our society more just and more peaceful and more sharing of abundance.  A tall order indeed.

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