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Friendship Banquet Team Rides Again

We served another Friendship Banquet on September 13.  We had approximately 55 guests, all of whom were marginally housed or homeless people living with HIV/AIDS.  This is a ministry of St. Paulus Lutheran Church and the Banquet is served at St. Mark’s Lutheran church.  The aim of this ministry is to bring some celebration and dignity to people whose lives are filled with difficulty and rejection.  A great side effect is that we are beginning to develop real relationships with the people who come to the banquet and with the people who work there.   The other great side effect is that we have a lot of fun.  Planning, shopping and cooking for a four-course sit-down dinner is no small task, but we’re really good at it.  We tried to develop a culinary theme for this dinner, but ended up on a multicultural journey.  We “travelled” from the shores of the Mediterranean sea to the American south and then to the heartland for dessert.  The menu consisted of:

  • Mediterranean antipasti plate
  • Minestrone and Grissini
  • Baked Ham with Pineapple Souffle and French Green Beans
  • Apple Strudel and Ice Cream


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