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New Year Virtue!!

British-tradition countries have December 26 as “Boxing Day.”  This does NOT mean a day where you hit one another (I thought that when I was a kid).  It does mean that you go through your STUFF and box up that which can be used by someone else.  Here are three opportunities, one donation and two recycling — all important and VERY easy.

e-Waste Recycle Drop-off, Saturday, January 21 at the Mission street Cole Hardware.

Recycle clean styrofoam packing material:  The Waste to Waves Collection Bin will be at the Presidio Sports Basement Store through the end of January.  You may donate clean styrofoam packing material there.  Don’t put it in a landfill!

     Directions to Presidio Sports Basement from church:  610 Old Mason Street.  Enter the Presidio through the Presidio Gate.  Continue on Lincoln Ave, turn Right on Hallck and left onto Mason.  The store will be on your left.

Donate Useful Stuff:    Finally, there is a terrific new organization in town called SFSmiles.  This is a charity that collects items that will be useful to other charities in the local area.  For instance some of our members donated a sofa, chair and ottoman.  They had been calling around for days trying to find a good home for their furniture.  The staff of SFSmiles picked it up almost immediately and within a week had donated it to an organization in San Francisco that helps house homeless women with newborn babies.  So this sofa set spent it’s Christmas furnishing a home for a homeless family!!  How great is that?!! for more information;  email:;  phone:  415-853-3688; Fed Tax ID#38-3847687.

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