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Pastor’s Note

This Wednesday, March 5th, Ash Wednesday,  begins the time in the Christian calendar that we call Lent.  Lent is a time when we remember the temptation Jesus experienced in the wilderness.

The 40 days of Lent can be a time when we may fast or “give up” something we enjoy to participate in the sacrifice of Lent.

Lent can also be a time when we “offer up” daily prayer or reflection reading of scripture to offer ourselves to come into closer relationship with God.    “Hope in the Fast Lane: A New Look at Faith in a Compulsive World” was written by J. Keith Miller almost 30 years ago.  Miller writes about his recovery from too-busyness.  One habit he developed to change himself was the habit of prayer.  Every morning he: thanks God for one specific person or thing,  (which helps to keep his life and his prayer life specific);  prays to commit his life to God (which he finds an easier commitment at 7am – before the day begins and he becomes tempted to ‘assume the responsibilities of the world’) and names one person each day that he will visit by phone, letter or in person.

Lord, as we remember your baptism
your time of temptation
your time in the wilderness
help us to find the courage to enter the wilderness, too.
Help us to find the courage to enter the wilderness, too.
Help us to find the spirit to confront our demons. 
Let this be a time of cleansing, renewal and re-forming in you.  Amen.

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