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SF Food Bank Update

Just a few weeks ago, the San Francisco Food Bank was informed that due to federal budget cuts it will no longer receive over $160,000 from the US Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program.  Prior to this latest cut, the Food Bank had already cut over $1.6 million from it’s operating budget of $14.5 million for the current fiscal year.

Now, more than ever, they need our help.  Over 30,000 families are served by the Food Bank each week.  Many people go without proper nutrition in order to pay rent, maintain a low-earning job or pay for critical medical care.  In San Francisco alone, 197,000 people struggle each day to feed themselves and their families.

We CAN Help!  Every time you go to the store, pick up some nonperishable food.  Make a point of putting food in the Food Bank Barrel every Sunday and put some cash in the plate labelled “Food Bank.”  On the first Sunday of each month, all non-pledge offerings go to the Food Bank automatically.  Do everything you can to help our neighbors.

Hunger happens every day of the year and it affects our most precious resource, our children, the most.  We have to do what we can to keep hunger from happening right here in our beautiful city.  Our future depends on it!

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